Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New York Eats: Brick Oven Pizza

When in New York one can have pizza for to go, dine in, or delivery fresh from brick oven. You don't dare not to eat their pizza because it follows you, they're everywhere! Countless merchants making their own and selling pizza in mostly every corner of the streets because of that I had problem choosing where to buy my very first NY pizza. I saw a pedestal signage board in front of a cafe has written $.79 cent a slice of pizza- it almost convince me but I have to refrain myself from buying it I want my first NY pizza as good as I can remember it forever. After few days as I meandered the streets in Rockefeller Center, I found a cafe, and from outside the street you can see at the wide glass wall in the cafe a man making a pizza dough and baking  it at the same time right there and then I went in to eat my first NY pizza.

I went straight to the man and politely ask him if I can take a photo. He allows me only not to include him. We exchange conversation a bit, he's kinda shy, all he said is they're making their pizza fresh, dough including the sauce. He assures I will gonna like their pizza. I ordered and paid, after that I went back to him to give the stub. I waited for a  couple of minutes to bake my pizza and when it's finally ready he calls me to give the pizza I am longing for. I thank the man ( I noticed the servers including him did not wear name tags, and I forgot to get his name, even the cafes name. My bad!) for everything before I head to the available table.

Verdict? 5 stars. The thin crust have both crunchy and gooey (some part crunchy, some part gooey). The fun of eating it is when the mozzarella stretch as far as you can. It doesn't cut until you bite it. I love NY pizza. No doubt.

Travel Period: April 2012

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