Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New York Eats: chicken ramen noodle soup

One morning, we went to Italiana Cucina near from our hotel for a brunch. Their service are great, the food is fresh and excellent. Not only they serve authentic homemade Italian food but also Japanese food. I wasn't so keen to eat pasta or pizza that morning so I decided to have a chicken ramen noodle soup. Soup is my comfort food. I would always go for soup if I can't decide what to eat.

That man making  my soup. By the way, this cafeteria is for dine in, take out & catering services. As you can see he uses a Styrofoam bowl for my soup in it unlike when we're in the restaurant a glass silverware is a must.

Nonetheless, the food is amazing. It tastes so good! and filling. *burp* :)

Travel Period: April 2012

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