Monday, May 14, 2012

New York Eats: new york cheese cake, espresso, italian ices at Cha Cha's

After we just had lunch in one of Chinatown's restaurant we decided to have dessert in Little Italy so we continue walking towards Mulberry street a couple of blocks from Chinatown. Little Italy area has a different vibe you'll know right away that you're in the Italian community- the people, the foods, the buildings from the street outside are very intimidating.  We keep looking around until we finally settled at Cha Cha's cafe and bar.

A barista handed us their menu looks like newspaper. It was actually, but the owner converted it to a menu by reading it you can tell the owner of Cha Cha's cafe has good connection with many of Italian celebrities. :) This menu is pretty much unique. What a clever idea!

Their gelatos doesn't have appeal on me that time, the rest in my group skip for it.

Instead, my husband order a melon ices. Yum!

My friend and I order an Italian espresso regular and new york cheese cake. So delightful. Nomnomnom.

Travel Period: April 2012

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