Monday, May 28, 2012

New York: Liberty Island Tour

We purchased a day  advance for our Liberty and Ellis Island ferry tickets at our Hotel concierge service. It cost us $14 per person for that ferry fares, and we booked the 11:00AM departure schedule. When the day has arrived we were supposed to take the subway 1 line for South Ferry station instead we took the Uptown station. We got lost that means we will gonna missed our ferry schedule. Worried if we'll missed our ferry ride scheduled they won't take us if we have to take the next available ferry but thank goodness that's not the case. When finally arrived in Battery Park where the ferry station is I approached the guard in the gate told her we need to take the next departure schedule cause we missed our schedule. She politely explains to us that we can take anytime we want from the ferry schedules as long the ticket is valid for single entry.  What a sigh of relief !  :)

Before embarkation there's an obligatory security check to go through before to enter in the waiting area. Same thing when you take an air flight.

Looking at the harbor from outside the gate of ferry station you can see the Statue of Liberty afar.

Spotted water taxi and a ferry coming back to Manhattan. There are so many ways to see the Statue of Liberty..

But we opt to be at the islands to see up close of the Statue and to be also in the Ellis Island. The ferry ticket goes both ways into Liberty Island and Ellis Island. It departs to the island from 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, and the last ferry returns to Battery Park is by 6:30 PM. Ferries takes passengers in and out every 30 minutes.

In the ferry, we stayed on the second deck at the back (right side) don't bother to sit down on the benches if you want to see a good spot and snap a good angle of the Statue.

This was where we standing at on the ferry. Perfect spot!
As the ferry slowly moving away from Battery Park station you can see a beautiful panoramic view of Manhattan skyline from a big picture till it faded away when we almost reach to Liberty Island. It was magnificent.

Another splendid sight is when we approaching to Liberty Island. The ferry stops every corner of the island so we can see and take a photo of every angle of the Statue of Liberty. It's just so amazing.

This is one of the famous landmarks in the world that everyone loves to see. And for those photography enthusiast this is a good photo op. $14 is so worth it.

These people is waiting to leave Liberty Island. The ferry's took us from Manhattan to Liberty is the one will take these people back to Manhattan.

Enter the gate in the Land of Freedom.

This explain why.

DH and I with Ms. Liberty up close and personal.

One of my favorite shot of her. Was taken on the island.

There are  basic concessions available for sale on the Island. Perfect cause we were starving already. There is also a souvenir shop, quite pricey compare to the many merchants selling the same stuff in Manhattan.

After exploring the park grounds we're ready to go to Ellis Island. We bid goodbye to Ms. Liberty. And wait not too long to hop another ferry to take us to Ellis.

Travel Period: April 2012

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