Sunday, May 20, 2012

New York: Malls and Shopping

Manhattan is home to New York's famous Broadway theaters and 5th Ave. shopping street. One can not leave New York without shopping. You can never get away from the tempting display on sale merchandising of any brands you can imagine you can literally shop till you drop in New York. NYC shopping scene is a garden of earthly consumerist delights. You just have to know where to look. Some stores taxed you some do not, and I don't know why. Either way you still get a reasonable price of some item.

Inside Victoria's Secret store. My friend M is checking the perfume she likes.

There are sea of people in this part of shopping area. So crazy.

The flagship store of Macy's sitting on Broadway between 34th and 35th street has 11th floors. The world's largest store.

I shop here, scored a silk pants and cotton top on clearance. Love H&M!

Cobblestone store of Forever 21.

Chocolate delight. Yum.

These are only few of thousand merchants you can shop in NYC. But, I haven't see Walmart, Target or any steel shop buildings in Manhattan. It has probably I just didn't notice.

Travel Period: April 2012

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