Monday, May 21, 2012

New York Stays: Hilton Hotel

We visited New York for the first time and we stayed in Hilton Hotel because of its great location. Located in the heart of Manhattan and steps away from NYC tourist attractions like Rockefeller, Time Square, Broadway, Central Park , restaurants, cafes, shopping stores, and only minutes from major NYC subway line. Typical excellent rooms, they clean it and change the towels everyday. We didn't use their amenities cause you have to pay it extra we only stay here to sleep anyway.

Their Internet connection is fast however it has a fee! Good thing though we have our own bellsouth wifi connection that's why we stay connected. The staff are so nice to us especially the lady in the concierge desk area, she's very helpful, and so as their customer service. I called to extend our checkout hours and they let us stay till 3pm instead of 12noon.

 I already know the facts of this hotel cause I checked their website before I booked our stay. This was built in 1963 so I didn't expect too much even though it's pricey.

Hallway through the elevators area, restaurant, and bar.

elevators and bar area

Our room is decent, clean and comfy.

Amenity area. We have free cable channels. The coffee is also free. Thank goodness we didn't pay extra. However, the snacks and beverages in the fridge are not free. :)

Happy camper! We all love our beds (feels like latex mattress)and pillows, they are so soft and comfortable.

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