Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Chinatown New York

From Soho we continue strolling around Chinatown area to find a restaurant for us to sits and dine. We were already starving and tired from walking- it's about time for some chow! We decided to eat in Chinatown because we miss rice already.

Spotted a McDonald. I wonder if Chinatown McDonald have rice because in Asia, McDonald food chain serves rice. :) Anyhow, Chinatown has its own world. I have not seen any police on the streets unlike in Midtown Manhattan the police are there every streets corner. In here, many merchants selling bargain stuff and fake high-end merchandises. There are sellers on the streets trying to convince us to buy Rolex and prada bags. We cringed! We went in at one of a jewelry store to look for a dragon jade pendant necklace my friend wanted to have. The price tag is $1, 200 18k gold, the lady behind the counter keep insisting for us to buy it give us a half price discount ($600) if we pay it cash. We look at each other with disbelief. Again she reduce the price to $550. Does it sound fishy? My friend still not convince besides she won't buy it. So we head out with empty handed.

We ate here in New Hon Wong restaurant. It's a tiny place with lots of waiters.  :)

We ordered roasted pork with vegetables and rice, vegetarian delight, beef broccoli, and shrimp dumpling soup. Believe it or not each entree is only under $7 and it's a huge serve! They serve lots of rice. And the food was so good. I can't barely finish my plate. Like any other stores in Chinatown they accept cash only. I wonder why.

After our successful lunch we head out to wander around the area again.

Chinatown vendors much like divisoria in Manila. Seems they have anything in here from jewelries, souvenirs, bags, shoes, Chinese beauty products, herbal medicines, funny toys, electronics, but I could not find a Adovia dead sea salt body scrub massage in particular, they sells body scrub but a different brand.

Travel Period: April 2012

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