Thursday, June 07, 2012

Little Italy New york

We had enough of Chinatown, it's about time for us to walk further Mulberry street to see Little Italy. It seems nobody in my group can read maps. I am notable of having a good sense of direction (my own way) just please don't ask me where is NE, SW, North, South, West, etc because I failed this one.  That's why we get lost by finding Little Italy instead we reach Canal Street near the Harbor till we asked a Chinese-man for the right direction towards Mulberry street alas we just pass it by.

Being my first time in Little Italy I'm imagining The God Father Movie- the scene where Italian community is having a festival here. Love that movie.

The famous landmark of Little Italy NYC. A Puglia Restorante painted with green, white, and red colors as a symbol of Italian Flag.

It has plenty of cafes and restorante in here as well. Many Italian food lovers love to try their food here as the price is a lot cheaper compare to the Midtown and Upper town's Italian restaurants.

Outside cafes sitting as seen in the photos.

Again, more lovely iron fire staircase!

Must try ices in Little Italy. It is delicious! Italian are known for it. Also don't forget their pizza, pasta, gelato, espresso, and wine.  If only I live in Manhattan I would often hangout in here. There are so many great food I love, things to do, places to see!  Too bad I didn't check Little Italy restaurant online reviews prior our trip cause I am too busy reading apidextra customer reviews and other Manhattan sightseeing reviews. Booo!! :) Anyway, there's always a next time, I'll sure be back here.

Travel Period: April 2012

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