Tuesday, June 05, 2012


When my cousin told me about her pregnancy news last month I was so thrilled. She's been praying and try to do anything possible just to get pregnant for over 7 years. Her and her husband was desperate to have their own baby until they decided for adoption. It took them 2 years to finally finish the adoption processing- they got a newly born baby boy last month, and after a few weeks she learns that she's pregnant. Now she'll gonna have two babies! What a story, indeed! Seems like she and her husband are having a twin. :) God bless them. They had a celebration yesterday, but I wasn't able to attend cause they live in the tropics. But, I promise her I'll send her gifts, after all she deserves it. I'm getting her maternity dresses and baby products.

She's two months pregnant now, and she puts lots of weight already. I found a similar plus size maternity clothes like the photo below, but in yellow color. I couldn't find a beige ones, it would be nice in her too. I will try in Target if they have. 

Her story's really inspiring.

Photo credits: google images

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