Friday, June 22, 2012

New York Churches: St. Bartholomew's

St. Bart's church is located on the east side of Park Avenue between 50th and 51st Street in Midtown Manhattan. A walking distance from St. Patrick's cathedral. So after we visit St. Patrick we then headed to St. Bart's to pray and to roam around it. I love to stay in an old Catholic church- it's my favorite past time for solemnly pray, and I also like to look at some of divinely, beautifully designed churches. I found St. Bart's one of those unique old structure design.

Compare to St. Patrick's cathedral, St. Bart's is small, more intimate, and not touristy. I like the pattern design of the front door.

Anything old makes my heart blown away. When I enter the church hallway I immediately notice a beautiful carving design of an altar backdrop, the biblical characters painting, and the old chandeliers. It is one of those nostalgic moment- like, I'm in the 18th century period. This is why I love visiting old churches.

A closer look of the altar.

This dome has a very lovely design. Loved it. :)

Travel Period: April 2012

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