Friday, June 01, 2012

New York: Ellis Island Tour

We hop a ferry to go to Ellis Island after our Liberty Island tour. The islands are closer to each other it only take us a few minutes to get here. The $14 fare is inclusive for both Liberty Island and Ellis Island rides. 

Upon arriving on Ellis Island this is what greet us- a beautiful facade view of the once immigrant station.  This was built in 1900 the second building after the first one (original) got completely destroyed by fire.

We're nearly here to enter in the museum.

Finally we arrived! The moment I'm here I feel nostalgic.

 The Ellis Island signage. In case you were wondering, a queue of people on the right photo is waiting for a ferry ride to Manhattan. Going to and out on the islands (Liberty and Ellis) is a breeze. The National Park Service is very systematic. Great job!

At the hallway, if you look at the ceiling the USA flags are beautifully hanging on to welcome the immigrants before. How excited they can be knowing they're step foot in the land of the free, honey and milk.

Upon entering the main building of this museum the first exhibit you can see is the Baggage.

Vintage luggage on display at the exhibit were unclaimed by its owner. Timeless piece of possessions.

This exhibit show us how the passport in the past looks like. A piece sheet of paper that is.

A closer view of an ancient passport.

Since the museum is entirely vast there are many options to see around all exhibits via elevators, escalators, or by foot.

In this exhibit they show us the many portraits from the people in the past who came to live in the USA.

and what the immigrants brought with them from their countries through their journey in USA. Lots of interesting stuff (such as Shoes, Womens Hats, Jewelries, Kitchenware, Clothes, etc.) that I really like. So vintage.

Statistic shows in the past how New York state marks number one as many alien arrivals. No wonder New York seems the center of America.

That walls where the names of immigrants engrave who were arrived here on Ellis Island. Not all though because this is optional you have to pay for it.

Outside the Immigration Station. Pretty cool. As an Immigrant myself being here feels relevant to me big time. It might have lots of changes on Immigration processing, the timeline and so on, but to finally live here in America is a dream come true.

Travel Period: April 2012

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