Monday, June 04, 2012

Queen Elizabeth Style

The Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating the diamond Jubilee (60 years) on the throne. There are number of events throughout this celebration. Today they're having a Diamond Jubilee concert at outside Buckingham Palace. Artists including my favorite Robbie Williams, Paul McCartney, and among others will perform for the Queen.


Every little girl once dreamed to become a princess but I dreamt to be a queen! I big dream. Too bad it will always remain as that, I never will. Teehee! Can you imagine being a queen? I only think Queen being dress with those beautiful gowns, shoes, bags, and wearing those brilliant tiaras, diamonds and all is something I really like as a queen.  As I was a  little girl I don't really think about power. The power a queen has. It's all about material and looks. Who doesn't want to wear a crown like the Queen Elizabeth's wearing in the photo. Doesn't she gorgeous? Through the years she remains simply elegant.

I may not have a high profile title cause the only thing I have is title loans charlotte which make me sounds so pathetic but in our home I am the queen. LOL I still hold my admiration to Queen Elizabeth style and fashion. Classic.

Photo credits: people magazine

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