Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kitchen Nightmares Show

I no longer a television fanatic, I used to back when I was younger, single, and had no internet computer access at home. Now that I'm married, older and wiser, computer is easily accessible I use my spare time for blogging, watching movies and ball game (via internet) with my husband. Cooking and reading as well. So we rarely turn-on our television only when I watch Food Network. For that reason we decided to cancel our satellite connection, we save big bucks of that! Internet has everything whatever channels and shows on TV are can now be watch  in the internet a small fee doesn't hurt us. Which is a very good thing. It really works for our lifestyle.

The husband is in-charge of our entertainment at home. I truly entrusted him on that part because he knows what I like. Hence, he's the reason why my knowledge is broad. And hence, he's the reason why I love Chef Ramsay now! :) The husband found The Kitchen Nightmares show the first time we watch this man-wrinkled-face doesn't have appeal to me, his accent does (love UK-English accent LOL) But later on I found his character, his intelligent (I'm obsess of smart people :)), perfectionism, witty, and being love to cook makes me like to watch the show even more. I'm always looking forward for his show's next episode, sometimes we watched his Kitchen Nightmares UK version. Those I like too.


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