Friday, July 20, 2012

Meaty Spring Rolls and Chicken Breast with Rice for Dinner

I love that I get to cook food almost every day, but I admit, there were some days when I get tired of cooking especially on Fridays when work wore me out I just don't want to do any cooking. All I do is to order food for to go in a restaurant. Husband and I loves to eat while watching movie in our bedroom. So eating out is what we rarely do, unless we want a new ambiance. 

Today is one of those lazy days. I call our favorite Vietnamese restaurant (Green Papaya) to order food for pick up. The owner knows me already as their avid customer. When I came to pick up the food I ordered she introduce me to her Filipino worker- a lady who works in the kitchen. I politely talk to them and was happy that the owner is being nice to the lady. 

Anyway,  here's what I have for dinner.

Ga Hoah Hau- chicken breast in light herb sauce served with rice, cup of soup and salad. As usual I love the soup (Vietnamese makes good soup, it's a fact!), but the chicken breast needs a little bit of salt, the taste is not that really good but it's okay.

Cha Gio- meaty spring rolls. I love! One of my favorite.

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