Friday, July 13, 2012

NYC Museum: American Museum Of Natural History

When I planned our trip to NYC for the first time I make sure to include one or two of many museums to be visit in our itinerary. The American Museum Of Natural History and The Metropolitan Museum of Art are the top of my list to see, but it turned out that the former was the only museum we able to visit, in fact, we haven't seen the entire exhibits when we were here.

We took a subway from downtown to uptown- the AMNH is located in Central Park West at 79th Street, NYC. We arrived at around 2pm in the ground of Central Park but we couldn't find the AMNH right away after finally we found the way to go to the entrance we step in the building a few minutes after 3pm and we headed straight to the ticket booth area. We each pay the suggested fee $19. Yap, quite pricey, but I'm telling you it is worth it. And it certainly doesn't disappoint you. 

Although I haven't seen the entire exhibits since we arrived at the AMNH one and half hour left before it closed I still enjoyed the ones I had seen; in the 4th floor especially the new york state mammals, the African mammals, the wallach orientation center, the primitive mammals, so on and so forth.  Wandering around the vast museum like this one can be very tiring so wear a comfortable shoes.

Here on the first floor you'll find the Milstein hall of ocean life, North American mammals, etc.

They were taxidermy animals. Sea Lions.


Grizzly Bear


Extinct bear

Extinct bison

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Travel Period: April 2012

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its so nice... museum are indeed such a nice place to visit.. especially this kind of museum..