Thursday, July 05, 2012

Random Discoveries

It has been years that I did not look something new for my sweet-tooth candy. I crave less now maybe because I was busy (my mind is occupied for personal chores), and I love eating fresh fruits and drink fresh juice now. That helps too, I guess. There were days that I love to eat chocolate or ice cream, if I did, I buy my old favorites. That was it.

But last weekend I was in TJ Maxx for the first time in a long time. As I was looking around the shelves I found myself happy to see at the goodies in front of me. Over there, they have various displays of imported products from Western Europe and some local that I could not find in the other stores. I bought an olive, salt and vinegar chips (which is not in the photo below as the husband brought it in his office when I arrived home), a Mrs. May's Dark  Chocolate Fruit & Nut

flavor- blueberry almond. 100% natural and cholesterol free! Love every bite of it. Guilt free, I must admit. Hehe

And then I had a French Butter Cookies by Pierre Biscuiterie

with lemon and almond flavor. This cookie is to die for. The lemon aroma makes me giddy every bite. :) 

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