Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Activities

Now that's summer time, my older sister is busy preparing summer activities to do for her 3 kids. Putting them in summer camp is her last recourse. There are so many fun things for kids and teen to do this summer in order not to get them bored. They picnic at the local park, baking cookies at home, they watch movies at home, play video games at home (like the guitar hero). My sister also enrolled her son to a soccer game, and to a music school for her teen girl. Since my niece into music right now being at the music learning school is what fits to her. She loves playing a guitar. And being a supportive aunt, I offer to buy her a guitar that she likes to have. Guess what? She ask me to get her a Epiphone Hummingbird Acoustic guitar or ibanez s570dxqm that she founds in store. When I learned the price I kinda want to back out in a heartbeat! (read: laugh-out-loud) Since I offer her so I must comply, at least, I make her happy.

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