Thursday, July 26, 2012

Travel Rituals before or after

Most people in every cultures have their own superstitious beliefs when they travel right before or after. You may have not notice that little thing such as pray before or after travel- that's a ritual. I do have too. Let  me past forward- back in the Philippines where I lived my entire life over there I used to travel any day except Friday because my grandmother wouldn't allow me to travel on that specific day. She said Friday is a bad luck. We asked her why, she said the bad spirits always come on certain day, and if we keep asking her more why(s) she'll get upset. Grandma believed too much ancient stories, eh! I don't blame her though. :)

And then there's my mother who won't allow me to go unless I bring a loot bag she prepares with foods in it. She said it's always good to have to eat when on traveling. Even if I take a plane. Yap. I told her the stewards in the aircraft serves us food, and if I keep trying to give her more reasons she'll get upset. Just like grandma. Hehehe So much of my ancient grandma and mother, they are sweetheart. :)

Overtime, those beliefs are not applied to me anymore- things change as years goes by. I now travel on Fridays. Weekends are very important for us workers it is the only time we can extend our holidays from work especially if the holiday is Monday. I also believe that bad spirits comes any time, any day. Sorry grandma! And most of all no more loot bag of food since I live a gazillion away from my mother but that's besides the point, the point is airports have too many restrictions besides the food are always serves in the aircraft.

It also now my ritual to bring this necklace my in-laws gave me as gift when I married my now husband. This necklace was handed down by my husband's late grandpa-to-grandma-to-mom-to-me. It is a personal gift that mean a lot for us. Wore this during my first travel from Philippines to USA back in 2006, from then on whenever I traveled abroad or domestic I always make sure having this necklace with me. I feel safe, I don't know why.     

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