Monday, August 13, 2012

The Olympic Games in London Are Over

Yesterday was the London Olympics closing ceremony, once again many of British celebrity performers including Spice Girls, One Direction, The Who, Fatboy Slim and more came out to perform at their best! It was indeed a fantastic show even though we didn't have a chance to see the entire closing ceremony because NBC cut away to air a new sitcom. Bummer, I know!
Photos from closing ceremony
But then again, the world of Internet has always an option for us to see it later, thanks to our Xfinity subscription I can watch the replay of the entire show now before it'll come out on television. Before that I was lurking the online shop since the Olympic Games are over the Team USA merchandise is on sale. Like those clothing as seen on the show (2012 Olympics Nike Men's Arrival Medal  Stand Jacket), tees, shorts, pins, caps, mugs and cups, etc. I almost buy the jacket, but I had to think it twice. Probably the price would mark down more next year.

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