Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Travelog: Random Photos of Pearl Farm Beach Resort

I lost tons of photos from my Philippines and Hong Kong trip five years ago. Got virus on  my computer, so, none of my old files and photos didn't survived. What  I have right now is from my husband's file copy on his computer, but he hadn't all. That's alright, the most important is what I've kept in mind of all the memories from my trip. Nobody can steal that. :) 

To continue my reminisce in Pearl Farm Beach Resort trip five years ago, here's some random photos.

The only place that I can totally relax is to be in the island, as in, no internet, no phone calls, no tv! :) And that's exactly what I did here. Looking at this photo makes me wanna go back, like, right now!

We explore the island and this was we've found an endless road. :)

Spotted a cabin on the top of the hills. This might be the other type of rooms they have for accommodation. Don't know exactly what it was.  A very typical Filipino house. A house made of woods.

Butik means boutique. A souvenir shop in the island. They sell several Pearl jewelry, the real ones, obviously, the name of the resort itself says it all.

 Lots of healthy green foliage in their garden as well. Beautiful.

Love waking up in the morning with this ocean view. Drinking hot tea on the terrace while I'm watching people riding a boat.

A water in the bucket right down the stairs in front of our suite house/rooms to use for cleaning our sandy feet.

This is the rooms we stayed in.

First floor lounge area. It has a bathroom too.

Travel Period: October 2007

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