Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Guilty Pleasure: Cappuccino Hazelnut Cheese Cake

I'm cravings pastries or chocolate candy at least once a week. I despise those cheap ones, I go for the haute! :) I'm totally a snob, I know. That's why The Fresh Market, Whole Foods Market, and other gourmet bakery in our neighborhood would loved me cause I like their sweets.  Eating moderately is my secret of having a normal weight still after all. I don't tolerate myself to eat more of it cause I know sweets-food are so addictive. Like this Cappuccino Hazelnut Cheese Cake is to-die-for!

The Fresh Market has it, and every time I go there I have to remind myself to walkout with one cake and that's it. So I bought this beautiful cappuccino hazelnut cheese cake, and went home excitedly. I absolutely love it, so yummy!

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