Thursday, September 27, 2012

Korean Fever: Gangnam Style

What is it about South Korean Pop music so popular in Asia. Is it because Kpop artists are cute and adorable? Or is it their hair,  or their eyes, or clothes? Their moves perhaps? Or, all the above? Darn it, I don't know!! :) I must have start following Kpop now. In fact,  I started to like Bi Rain and Psy now just because they're famous. Like, more Americans are jumped on the Gangnam Style bandwagon! LOL That song video which has been going viral on the net lately gained millions of hits in just a few days. The popularity of Psy (the singer of the Gangnam Style song) in the USA is now overwhelming. Pop culture, that is! That Kpop famous song is totally fun, it makes me dance along. Read: Oppa Gangnam Style!!

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