Saturday, October 27, 2012


I make a habit to take a vitamin C almost everyday by drinking water with lemon juice, or a tablet now that is fall/winter season. This time of year I used to get seasonal allergies, symptoms like inflammation of the mucous membranes (cold), congestion, and sneezing. I hate to get sick. Who does, right? The last time I got allergy attacked when  I was in Canada during winter season. I got real sick, big time! My primary doctor refer me to a asthma specialist because she believes I have asthma not a seasonal allergy. Whatever. Asthma is worse as I thought.

Seeing a doctor makes me nervous. I don't know what to expect. So I went to this asthma specialist office to check my coughing condition (I wasn't breathing well, that time), in there, the nurse did a vital check up of me. I performed a spirometry measures to know how much air I can breath out, if below "pass line" that means I have asthma, and if above "pass line" means I don't have asthma. The result of the test won't lie I have indeed asthma. My doctor gave me a super expensive medicines to take for a week. It works. Gone the stubborn and annoying cough that was dry. I breath back to normal perfectly. The feeling of being well is beyond immeasurable.

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