Monday, October 08, 2012

Beautiful Fabrics Patterns

As what the saying goes, "the only constant in life is change." And I'm totally embracing it, I fear not of changes about things in life anymore as long as good thing comes out. Lately, I revamp my home decors and accessories into a modern/contemporary designs. For a change, I want it to try. All my curtains and bed sheets patterns fabrics are just plain gold or white, and I'm ready to let go the minimalist in me. So I went to Ikea store early in the morning for the first time. I Arrived before the store open that's how excited I am. That store is so overwhelming I didn't get a chance to go up in the second floor where great more displays in the show rooms are. I'm afraid if I can't resist of buying what I might like. That decision makes my husband happy. Ha! The modern print fabrics shown here are just a few of what I've bought from Ikea for my home. I find these fabrics sophisticated and beautiful.

My new living rooms curtain. 

Bed sheet and pillow covers for our oh-so-comfy loft bedroom.

and a pair of curtains for upstairs room

an adorable bird designs fabric for our blanket.

I also have linen dust ruffle for our throw pillow covers, plus rugs. I love them all. My home looks entirely different now feels like we just moved in. :)

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