Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Curious Ducks

We went to Welleby Park last Sunday. Had lunch over there. There's no birds near us when we at the empty kiosk while having our lunch. The moment I finished my food I told my DH I'm ready to share my left over food to the birds, the next thing I know big birds (ducks) coming towards us making noises, like telling me, they're here for the food. DH and I were laughing seeing them. I was like, how does they know? OMG. It scared me. Haha.

So of course mother ducky checked us first if we're not their enemy before she let her kids near us. Look at that curious face, so cute! :) Now what, mother ducky? Staring at me like that. Hehe

Here they come. Duckies little family. They're eagerly waiting of the food to throw at them.

Curious duck, are you? Oh yeah.... she loves the food. All of them loves it.

The three musketeers.

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