Monday, October 22, 2012

J.Crew Factory Sale

In less than 3 weeks hubby and I are going to Europe for leisure. This is our first time together to be in that part of the continent trying to learn new culture, eating local foods, and wander around. I can't wait. And I am very excited to plan this trip, so I'm start shopping clothes for fall to bring with us in EU next month. J.Crew catalog is just in time, I got it in my e-mail today. Love J.Crew, they have cool stuff. I immediately  open the e-mail to check if they have on sale sure enough they have lots of sale! J.Crew factory online store is such a fun. I have to refrain myself by clicking "add to bag" button of each item I like, or else, my bank account get broke. But, I need coats or jacket for our fall trip in EU, guess what I first found? A 24% off passport case, I need it! Ha! :)

and of course, a timeless classic peacoat for me. Ain't it cool? I adore it.

A navy issue Vintura deck jacket for him. Ahh, cute!

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