Friday, October 05, 2012

Living Near Ocean

I took this photo at Fort Myers, Florida

Study said, the closer we live to nature, the healthier we're likely to be. It seems like that just being out in nature does our body, mind and soul some good. Whether it's running at sunset on a sandy white beach, walking alongside a cool tricking stream, watching sunset over a mountain ridge, or even hearing the wind blow through the trees in the morning, being outdoors and aware of the world's beauty can make us feel energized and alive. I feel lucky that I live in suburb away from the hussle and bussle city life. But I always wanted to live near the Ocean where I can watch sunrise and sundown most of the time. There are so many places here in the USA where we can find a coastal property like in Florida, California, North Carolina, and to name a few.  I would love to ships watch duck nc someday. If I could have money in the world to afford to live there that would be a dream come true. Who knows maybe someday my husband and I will retired there.

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