Sunday, October 14, 2012

Manna Korean Restaurant

My family and I dining out at our favorite Korean restaurant in our town one Saturday afternoon, as always we had a good time, and our belly is full-y happy. Fresh food, great ambiance, friendly waiters and good service, and accommodating owner are one of the reasons why my family loves to comeback here. We feel at home.

I always wanted to have this Korean spoon because the handle is longer, and the scope is small (a little bigger than standard teaspoon and a little smaller than standard tablespoon) perfect for my tiny mouth. :)

Ahh, kimchi! Without a doubt this side dishes are the best. Taste wise and for our health - they are good.

I had this yummy dumbling soup. A simple soup made of rice cake, scallion, dried seaweed, and home made dumblings. It's filling.

My family and I are happy devouring delicious Korean food we love.

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