Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Welleby Park

We have beautiful cool weather since last Sunday. Chilly and gloomy. Perfect weather to go outside for walking and jogging. DH and I took advantage the weather that is. Last Sunday morning we did walked and jogged to the park near where we live. We headed home after a few rounds, and decided to bring our food for brunch at the Welleby Park in Sunrise Blvd, 5miles away from home. We rode to the park for about 15minutes. When we get there many birds are alive looking for foods.

After settling ourselves in the empty kiosk near at the water we took out our food and ate.

I love trees and grass, all plants actually. In here, the trees are growing gorgeous.

Many different type of birds live in the trees.

Spotted a bird in one of those trees.

Looking at the fishes in the water. I saw a bird standing on a stone above the water waiting for prey (fish) to catch for his food.

We walked the park after we had lunch.

Beautiful water. I have a soft-spot for nature, who doesn't?

A kind of place I wanna live in like Sunset beach nc real estate I mentioned before . So serene.

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