Friday, November 23, 2012

Fall Season: Beautiful colorful foliage

I have never been happier to be able to see and experience the four seasons- Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. It's a dream come true. I love them all. 

I was in France and Italy this Fall. Luckily enough that I've experience with this type of Fall (because we don't have this type of Foliage changing colors in Florida) in the beautiful countries. Fall is definitely my favorite. The colorful foliage is sublime. And magical. Beautiful. Truly!



that's so beautiful.. im jealous.. im looking for scenery like this here in CA but can't find it. :(

ring-my-Belle said...

I know, right? I feel the same way too before cause we don't have this in Florida our Fall is different, I have to travel France to see this beautiful foliage. :)

Roche said...

now im more jealous its my dream to see France.. one day maybe :) wishful thinking.