Friday, December 28, 2012

Dining at Versailles

When the sun is about to set at around 4pm and started to getting dark (autumn/winter Europe time) while roaming around the exterior grounds in Grand Trianon, DH and I decided to end our sightseeing so we can walk back to the train station for Paris early. I have to turn my head back and look at the palace for the last time before I bid goodbye . Oh, I love the Chateau de Versailles much. I was nostalgic about the past, so being there is a dream come true. I feel lucky to be able to see and touch on one of the famous historical places in France. There's still more need to see I'll take that a reason for me to come back next time.

Moving on... it takes 30 minutes to walk from the Chateau to the train station ( and vise versa) since we're coming back early we still have time to eat dinner before we can catch the train back to Paris. We settle in a restaurant (which I forgot to take note the name) near at the train station. I'm already starving so I quickly order my food.

I have Panini with black sausage. It was good.

Hubby order a steam mix vegetables and beans, and salad.

And we have hot tea drink. I haven't had this type of tea before. It taste sweet with a unique strong aroma flavor. It's good.

Travel Period: November 2012

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