Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I'm sort of a skincare minimalist now when it comes to my face. I no longer hoard plenty of beauty products. I stop using expensive creams (as part of my nightly routine) after I feel no satisfaction result. It won't seem to get away the whiteheads even though the product tell me so, pores are still visibly open. I was really hopeless. Until I found by searching over the Internet about a simple way to minimize open pores and whiteheads by using infused olive oil and castor oil. I'm using this as facial cleanser every night after washing my face with water and soap. It does works for me. It resolves my skin problem amazingly well. I also exfoliate my facial skin and body skin twice a week as part of my beauty routine. For my face I like to use the Olay exfoliator I can find at the drugstore, and salt  (not the hayward salt cell for the pool) exfoliate to get rid dead skin. It really does work for me.


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