Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Car

We've been shopping cars lately through online, and finally today we have a chance to be at the dealer store for us to check some cars in person. We have no particular brand yet we kind a like to check if what is the best lower price that we can get, before we can finally decide to purchase a car. Our friend advise us to test drive a car so that we can feel if it works for us or not. We did try to drive few cars from Nissan and Ford both brands we like. Now we don't know which one to pick. Nissan has the price range that we are looking so I guess we might consider it. I am very unlucky to hit our old Ford car last week that's why we decided to get a new one. As in a brand new car. We don't like to deal the hustle of maintaining the old car especially when we have to get a new tire machine Coats, a new paint, a new glass, etc.

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