Monday, December 10, 2012

Paris Eats: Cafe Palais Royal

After our long sight seeing at Louvre Museum, DH and I headed back to the area where we took the Metro to Louvre. In there, we look for a cafe for us to dine in, at that time my feet was so tired from walking with my shoe heels I can't take it no more. Across the Metro station we found Cafe Palais Royal. Inside was packed, but we didn't wait that long to get us available table and chairs. Our barista is very amiable and funny. He feels us at home a la Parisian. One of the reasons why we love Paris.

We rarely find vegetarian or vegan restaurants in Paris. Absolutely a con. But, my husband settled the vegetable salads.

The authentic french fries (of course in France) is definitely delicious compare to the copycat French fries from other countries especially in the USA (taste different). I order this grilled chicken with french fries and vegetable salad. What a delightful meal.

DH is having this mix vegetables salad.

When in France do not miss any of their desserts. Parisian are known for making of good pastries. I didn't pass this lemon tart I have to have it. I'm glad my husband (who doesn't like sweets) loves it, and so do I!

I get this wonderful view from my table. Love watching people passing by while I'm eating.

Travel period:  November 2012

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