Thursday, December 06, 2012

Paris Eats: A Greek restaurant along Rue Amsterdam

This is our first meal in Paris after our memorable sight seeing at the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triumph that night. This Greek restaurant is located a few doors away from our hotel. We settled here after our attempt to find a French restaurant that has vegetarian in their menu display outside the cafe unfortunately we couldn't find one. So we rather take this option (that makes vegetarian food) even though it is not a la local food. We are starving already. So a nice Greek restaurant is we choose to sit and eat. 

Yes I manage not to forget to take some photos of the food, but forget to remember or take note the name of this restaurant. I don't have a receipt either cause we paid them cash. My mistake.

After all, this meal is unforgettable. DH and I loves every bite of it. I have beef kebab with fresh vegetables laying on a pita bread. The meat is savory and juicy, and the vegetables are yummy.

I devour it with satisfaction. It is a real good meal.

DH have a grilled eggplant top with cheese, fresh vegetables, yellow rice, and french fries.

No doubt, he loves it. His plate is almost empty.

Still my stomach has room for dessert. Greek fresh yogurt drizzle with honey is just a wonderful combination. Yes, I finish them all. It was good.

Travel Period: November 2012

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