Thursday, December 27, 2012

Queen Marie- Antoinette Grand Trianon

In  the Palace of Versailles

After we wander around the palace's beautiful garden we walk a few kilometers away from the palace to Marie-Antoinette private estate or Grand Trianon. Though it's quite far to walk but we persuaded the idea of walking all the way in order to get some good exercise, plus the weather is good, and the colorful trees are so beautiful to look at while passing by, after all it was so worth it. Only if we arrived early in the morning at Versailles then we could have seen the entire place. But, we've seen enough. We can't complain and we're having fun.
This is Marie-Antoinette hideaway from the busy political and social lifestyle going on in the palace so she took refuge in here. The estate is very charming, very countryside. Love it. In here, I see her paintings portrait and some other beautiful painting collection, her bedrooms, her furniture, her toilet, her kitchenware, her baby rooms, etc.. its are all original from her collection. She had a great taste I can tell. All are lavish, and her garden are so beautiful as well. The life of a queen is enviable indeed! :)


Travel Period: November 2012

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