Thursday, December 20, 2012

Social Media

Even though I have blog and Facebook I don't oblige myself to share my all personal stuff or matter to the mass. There are certain things I don't need to discuss everything in public. I don't want other people to know my drama, my private life. Many times my friends in Facebook asking me why I don't post a lot of photos, or showing my new car, showing the gifts I received, etc. Why should I? For me, that is ridiculous. I don't know, maybe it's just me. I feel awkward doing it. I don't like too much attention. I can understand other people doing it because that's what they want, I totally respect their choice. In this day and age, everybody can be a celebrity. With the massive social media (like youtube, twitter, etc) going on now there are many ways you can be notice, or makes money with triangle direct media . Others are lucky to find their success through that because many people bites it. I'm happy for them. Honestly though it's funny when my friends in FB posting 800+ photos in an album. Too much. Like who would have time to browse it all? Stuff like this doesn't make sense.

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