Sunday, December 30, 2012

Spotted Some Parisian Animals

In every squares, parks, streets, or famous attraction places in Paris I've seen many pigeons. They literally are everywhere! I find it amusing. My husband and I love watching them, but I'm afraid to get closer cause I don't want myself to get bite. Although I've seen some people feeding them, and let them flew over and stay on their head or arm. Am still afraid. And they are chubby. I think people should stop feeding them more often, but seems legal to do it, I guess. Then again, animals are loving to be fed after all.

Meanwhile... at the park lake the swans are also chubby, and also saw people feeding them. So my guess at the beginning is seem right, it's legal to feed the public animals in France? Here in Florida, where not allowed. :(

Even the street cat is chubby. One more thing I've noticed about the animals, they are not domesticated, in fact, they live in the public parks, and yet they seems behaving well and looks elegant, like a chic Parisian. :) Adorable.

DH can't help but to pet the adorable cat.

Travel Period: November 2012

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