Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Travelog: Eiffel Tower, Paris

Tour Eiffel is what they call it in Paris. I first heard it from the hotel staff in the front desk. I got confused. I thought 'Tour means, a short trip to see the Eiffel Tower', but, in French word 'Tour' it means TOWER in English. Now I know. Did I tell you how I now love French language? Its very interesting. Whenever I heard french talking, it tickles me! Ha! :)

Anyway, Eiffel Tower was named after the brilliant french engineer Gustave Eiffel who designed the tower. It is meant to built for radio broadcasting tower, but it never did. It turned out the most recognizable tower in the world. Many people I know loves to see this Tower in person. I was too. Not anymore, I've finally seen it myself in person last month. It was beautiful and romantic. Ah, dreams do come true.

The hotel staff in the front desk told me to go to Trocadero first to get a nice view of the Eiffel Tower. He said, it is lovely. He got it right! It is LOVELY, indeed!! I get a perfect panoramic view of the Tower.

You'll find crepe vendors at the Trocadero. That pastries smells good.

But I have to walk to the garden below, so off I go.

Autumn makes my first Paris perfect visit. How can I not feel in love with it? I swoon.

I make sure I have extra battery with me. Eiffel Tower alone I took gazillions of photos! :) I only pick ones to post here that are make sense. Hehe.

This Asian couple is so cute being married here. Oh-so-romantic, Pari! (yeah, silent S, french said. LOL)

Photo op with the carousel (okay with the couple) Aheehee

Eiffel Tower over the River Seine

Up close and personal

DH and I bought lift entrance ticket to top for only 14,00 euro each.

The aerial view of the city at night from the top

I have to have this. LOL

It sparkling like the stars or x'mas lights, and has music too. I'm telling you, it is very romantic at night.

Inside Tower has an exhibit display of the Gustave and his friends

This is the original design of the Tower

There's a bar and restaurant upstairs as well

Before we track our way back to the metro at Trocadero I have to stare and gaze ones more at this magnificent artwork. Truly amazing.

Travel Period: November 2012

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