Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Travelog: Palace of Versailles (Part 2)


After we roam around the front ground we headed straight to the main entrance inside the palace to explore more. Inside the palace you can see one of the most beautiful achievements of 18th-century French art collection. Lavish rooms of the King and Queen, government and military officials from ceiling to floor are so impressive. 

We start from the Museum of the History of France exhibit. There's so many beautiful paintings on the wall which tells the France history, in paintings!

I find these statues very interesting.

one of the room of so many gathering rooms where the royal family and their government officials gathered. Love the ceiling design.

The palace chapel. It blows my mind.

This is the biggest and wider 'Last Supper' painting I have ever seen in my entire life. It just amazing.

the King's Grand Apartments has to be the most lavish ceiling and room in the palace. Made of gold, I'm sure. My jaw dropped!

Moving to the Hall of Mirrors area designed by Mansart, where the king put on his most ostentatious display of royal power in order to impress visitors. It is indeed very impressive!

Travel Period: November 2012

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