Saturday, December 15, 2012

Travelog: Versailles, France

Going to Versailles from Paris is a short train ride. We catch the train at Gare St Lazare station which is across the street from our hotel, and the ride takes us an hour to reach the city. Paris train station is awesome. We have no idea as to where to purchase our train tickets inside the station. We tried the green machines but it didn't work. People behind the counter in tourist information center are very helpful. They are accommodating and thank goodness they try to speak english. So they lead us to the ticket office center somewhere in that station.

Paris is elegant city. You can tell why by seeing at their train station alone.

A stranger friendly monsieur and his dog wants us to capture a photo of them. I thought that was cool.

There's plenty of souvenir and patisserie shops here

Our assign train is ready to embark

Versailles city is small and worth to visit even in a day. I would prefer to stay here longer and explore more next time because I love it here.

The train station in Versailles at night. About time head back to Paris after our long and lovely tour in the Chateau.

Travel Period: November 2012

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