Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Grapefruit Drink

Since grapefruit is in season I take advantage of it cause the price is cheap. I make drinks out from the fresh juice of it. Mix it with carbonated water (seltzer) and a bit of sugar makes a whole lot different. It's very refreshing. My DH loved it!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Homestyle Cooking: Calamari

Whenever I get a chance to drive (10 miles) to Penn Dutch supermarket I will always make sure to get some fresh squids meat and some fish meat. I love seafood. Growing up in the tropics which seafood is abundant is what we often eats. I still am not getting tired of eating it 'til now. My love for seafood reminds me of my home back in the Philippines.  Anyway, this calamari I cook is very simple. I bought cleaned calamari and sliced into rings. Marinate them with ground paprika, ground garlic, and salt and pepper. Dredge marinated squids into the italian seasoned bread crumbs. Deep fried. As for me, lime is way better to use for dipping than lemon for calamari. So there, my simply calamari but taste yummy. :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Prince of Wales Armouries: Edmonton, AB

Because I like museum especially the admission is free I have to go to see the Prince of Wales Armouries even though there is nothing so special about it (at least for me). When I was there, My older sister, nephew, and I were only visitors at that time. This is the house of all the City of Edmonton Archives. Public research facility housing civic government and private records documenting Edmonton's history. Their collection includes over 250,000 historical photographs dating back to the 1880s, civic government records dating back to 1892, and so much more. Everyone is welcome to use their research area. Admission is free.

In this room, you can find many different types of telephones from 18th century. My nephew was taught on how to operate the old telephone by miss historian. It's awesome.

These are the british and french millitary uniforms.

The armours were used during Canadian war history.

Prince of Wales Armouries
10440 108 Avenue Edmonton AB T5H 3Z9

Travel Period: December 2011

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Muttart Conservatory

If you're one of those person who likes botanical garden then Muttart Conservatory is for you. If you are visiting Edmonton, Alberta don't miss to go here in one of their great attractions. They have four pyramids in there (Tropical Pyramid, Arid Pyramid, Temperate Pyramid, and Feature Pyramid)are home to thousands of species of plants. Each pyramid maintains a distinct environment, representing different biomes of the world. Admission's not free. Regular rate for adult is $11.75
The facade of Muttart.

Outside view of one of the pyramids.

Inside muttart at the reception counter.

Inside of the Feature Pyramid area where they have exhibit displays. I forgot the theme during that time.

Different type of flowers and a cactus are of many biomes of the world.

Candy and souvenirs store inside the muttart.

A souvenir photo of me.

Muttart Conservatory
9626 - 96A Street
Edmonton, AB
T6C 4L8
Travel period: December 2011

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Coins have been integral part of money transaction for centuries now. Coins such as gold, silver, and platinum have been played a very prominent part in money transactions during medieval time. While coin collecting as a hobby can be very interesting, there are many excellent reasons why you might want to collect coins. Like they tell unique stories from their travel or they buy custom coins to create their own collectible for their children or greatchildren investment, as well as an investment for business interests. It has been a popular hobby since coins first came into circulation.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Chic Grandma with her Swarovski Crystal Beads

Grandma has just turned 87 year old. She said, her mind, heart and soul is still young. Her feelings never changed like when she was in her early 20s. Only her body feels slowly weak. But, she didn't think about that and lives one day at a time. God bless her. Love grandma. She is a positive person and chic grandma I have ever  known. Age doesn't really matter when it comes to fashion. Grandma has a great taste, and she always wears nice clothes and accessories all the time even though she's at home. She regularly groomed herself (mani, pedi, eyebrows waxing, and facial) at the beauty salon. 

I think her younger sister who's base in New York gave her Swarovski Crystal beads with pearls (the one she's wearing in the photo, her sister made that!) and a ring she raves about. It happens the jewelries she got are pretty gorgeous.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Step Stools

You know when God poured rains of legs unfortunately I was sleeping at that time so poor me I will forever have short legs. Gosh! Haha!! Actually, it's my family genes. Nobody's to be blamed, I'm only saying. Besides, God poured me of beautiful face (ahem *self proclaim*) that equals everything. Teeheee! Seriously though, being small doesn't really bother me at all there are advantage and disadvantage no matter whatever size or heights we are. Good thing though we can find any solutions to every thing. Like, I can not obviously reach more than 5'3 inches high shelves or cabinets whenever I need to get something in there. But since (thanks to those smart inventors) there are step stools or ladders available to purchase at stores that helps me to reach the unreachable stuff thanks to the two step stool mom gave me. In fact, there are wide varieties of step stools available for us. Great selection of one-step stools, two-step stools, kitchen stools, medical stools, library stools, and folding stools. All can be also find at stepstoolsupply.com online store.

Japanese Traditional Confectionery: Mochi

Last month after New Year, while I did my food shopping routine at the Oriental supermarket nearby I found lots of colourful confectionery sweets in the shelves right in front of the entrance door, and then I saw Mochi. So then, I grabbed two boxes of Mochi in different flavors (one is red bean, the other one is green tea) into my wagon! I haven't tried it before my purchase but I heard and read about it over the Internet, that's what got me curious to it. I learn that this Mochi is the Japanese traditional sweets food and is commonly sold and eaten during Japanese New Year. Other term of Mochi is rice cake pounded into paste and molded into shape

This mochi is soft stuffed with filling, such as sweetened red bean paste and green tea paste like the ones I got. It has actually plenty of other flavors of choices like Strawberry, etc. But the former definitely is very Asian and  it only makes sense if try them out first since it was my first time. The powder dusting is the only thing I don't like, it falling everywhere on my clothes (very messy) every time I bite it. After all I found an idea to prevent messing up my clothes by this powder while I'm enjoying eating is to put a whole piece of mochi straight in my mouth. Chewing it slowly and enjoy the sweets mochi. It is so good, I'm telling you.

Did you know that my dream job (aside of course to be a host on the food & travel show (a woman version of Anthony Bourdain wanna be ) is to be a food tester, especially in the confectionery or ice cream department. I would be in my glory every day. But I'm sure my mother who is a diabetic won't approve this. She would recommend me the other Tester Jobs we have out there like in the electronic department than eating all those sugars as my career. Teee heee!

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Gift Ideas for Valentines

When there is a special occasion coming around (such as birthday or valentines) that I'm expecting a gift from my husband I'll make sure to give him an idea on a gift that I wanted. First of all, I don't want him to spend money on something that I don't like or use. In this day and age we have to be practical. I learn that in a hard way. At first, I was so scared and embarrassed to tell my husband on what I want. But then I realize nothing will loss me if I am being straightforward about it. It's a win-win situation if you tell what you really want to have for a gift, and the same way around, also ask him what he wants. That way you both benefits the stress-free lifestyle. Teeheee! This coming Valentine ask your husband what you like honnies! If you want to have another pair of shoes you might like this Fergie Women's Marque Sandal in nude color so chic, doesn't it? This gorgeous t-strap sandal style have leather upper, synthetic lining, lightly padded footbed, traction outsole, and adjustable ankle strap buckle with elastic-gored insert for the perfect fit. I'm sure you would love this.

Another choice is Steve by Steve Madden Women's Wrecked Sandal is amplify your fiercely feminine attitude in this ravishing sandal. Have suede leather upper with braided strap detail, easy back zipper entry and light cushioned footbed.
These are all can be find at ShoeMall online store. They have wide shoes supply in all kind of  types, sizes and colors for women, men, girls and boys. Check it out now and enjoy shopping! Don't forget to tell your husband. Oopss..

Alberta Legislature Building

This building was built between 1907 and 1913 by architects Allan Merrick Jeffers and Richard Blakely. The Alberta legislature meets in here in the provencial capital, Edmonton. It is open to general public. They have in fact a guided tour in the legislature building for free of charge.

Travel period: December 2011

Friday, February 03, 2012

Save Energy

Do you hate when your mother yell at you in your house say "Turn off the light or TV if you don't use it!"? They're so annoying, aren't they? I know why because my mother wants to conserve or save energy. People use a lot of energy, and we need to be careful about how much energy we use to help save our  resources and money as well of course. You know most of the energy sources we depend on, like coal and natural gas, can't be replaced. Each day we are using more of what we have left. Like illinois electricity, connecticut, pennsylvania, and new jersey are using Verde Energy who offers the best electricity rates possible. They are leading the way to utilize more renewable energy resources in our energy supply Verde also helps consumers reduce their consumption can positively impact both everyone's money and the planet earth.

Outer Banks

behind me is a frozen lake

Alberta is such a cold place no wonder my sister is longing to visit in the warm places like Florida, outer banks mls or Philippines. Growing up in the tropics in your whole life makes you appreciate more the high humidity than cold. Even though we still like the cold weather once in a while but that doesn't stop us to love and live in a warm weather places even more. They don't have beaches in Edmonton, Alberta, they have lakes but the sun, salty water, and sand are so much better than the lakes. And that's why many Canadian are living in the outer banks during winter and spring season. That's why I would love my sister and her family to come here in Florida. Hopefully when they become Canadian citizens in two years from now. I  can't wait!

Edmonton City Hall

One of main feature in Sir Winston Churchill Square at downtown Edmonton is the City Hall. The facade of the city hall itself attracts  by many visiting tourists. When in Edmonton you don't have to miss to see that place for a great photo op. The architectural designs of the building is unique and beautiful. 

This is what greets you inside the hall, the atrium is spacious and it has a natural lights. Thanks to the steels and glass pyramid roof! They usually have a flea market here on the weekend but we came on weekdays that's why  didn't see one. Anyway, inside this city hall has a cafe. You can sit and hang out over there. Pretty cool.

These are the current councillors of Edmonton. I don't know any of them, I think they are interesting so I figured to share their photos here.

The pyramids designed of the city hall means the Rocky Mountains. Alberta is known of having the beautiful rocky mountains at the Banff and Jasper national parks. When I come back to Alberta I will visit those national parks that's for sure.

Travel period: December 2011

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Out of Place

Guest post by Jewel Cole

My family just moved across the country due to my husband’s job. We were uprooted from our quaint little town in Georgia and plopped smack in the middle of Nevada. That’s right. To say we are just a little out of place around here is definitely an understatement. Since my husband travels some with his job, he said he would feel better if we got a security system installed in our new house. I couldn’t agree more and was actually going to suggest it myself since we have 3 kids. We are happy with the neighborhood that we moved into, but it would just give us peace of mind. So we got on the computer and researched home security nevada and decided to go ahead and get one installed. We also decided to up our long distance calling plan with our phone company because we are already so homesick. It is so sunny here. We are used to hot living in the south all those years, but a little rain every now and then is nice too! 

Santa Maria Ship / Sea Lions Show at West Edmonton Mall

This is the Santa Maria ship one of West Edmonton Mall attraction. Taking a photo op is only free so I took a chance, otherwise you have to pay to take a boat ride. Across Santa Maria is the Sea Lions show if you want to sit near the stage to take up close at the performers then you have to pay but because there are so many options in order not to pay I did stay and watched them outside the barricade which is not bad after all. This is all it. Kids love it here.

Travel period: December 2011

Edmonton Homes

Maybe its just me but I found Edmonton's houses are very unique, mostly have own chimneys. Oh well, it's cold there maybe that's why. Duh! Every time I go out and stroll around the area where my sister live I feel strange the layout of their houses over there are so different from here in Florida. And I find it  beautiful. Not that I don't like the houses here in Florida but the two different states have their own world. I don't know about you but to me winter in Canada is beautiful. Their houses their makes me feel comfortable. When I was there my sister's friends invited me in a separate occasions for a dinner party. I live their cute homey houses. Every house have a winter coat closet right next in the front main door. They also have basements. Their kitchens are so pretty and spacious. It gives me idea to get a raleigh kitchen remodeling to builds custom designed kitchens in my own home. I so can relate their home styles. I love the old and new concepts together.

Edmonton China Town

One day my brother-in-law was driving us in downtown Edmonton just to roam around the city. It's my first time in there so they make sure I see the neighborhood in where they (my sister's family) live. Edmonton is big and wide my brother-in-law still don't know the entire route of the area. He's only driving in the south side of the city near their apartment. So driving in downtown area is so stressful for him. But he made it after all. While driving around we accidentally found the Chinatown area. It's a short strip getting in there to find a parking lot is not a big problem. Though if you park in the biggest Chinese supermarket there is not a good idea unless if you come early cause there are so many people are buying in that store. And to find a parking space is can be hard. They don't have a big parking lot space. 

We in fact went inside the store to buy exotic foods. We bought letchon (grilled pork) and it was delicious. We didn't have much time to checkout the other stores so we off to home.

Travel period: December 2011

Birthday Gifts For Girls

To be a godparent has no boundaries, I just asked to be a godmother of my friend's newborn baby girl. They live in the Philippines and I live here in Florida. Even though it does not make any sense I still accept the invitation. She will be my fifth godchild, and they all live in the Philippines except my niece/godchild who lives in Canada. Anyway, my other godchild is turning one year old this month I'm having a dilemma about what gift should I give to her. A baby doesn't appreciate a thing except food, but I want to give something special for her to remember me when they grow up. I don't want to give money cause their parents will enjoy it instead. I am very practical you know. Thankfully I found a perfect gift I'd like to buy for my godchild. Its a personalized 1st birthday gifts for girls from personalcreations dot com. 

They have all cuteness merchandising like clothes, dolls, bags, jewelries, and so much more for any ages. I found this beautifully crafted delicate bangle made of genuine sterling making it easy to dress up even the most active toddlers so cute.

and so does this snuggly rag doll.  The bangle is what I decided to buy for her. I think this is perfect.