Thursday, May 31, 2012

BSA Basics

Fraud against lenders has reportedly increased every year for the past several years. Bank Secrecy Act (BSA Compliance) are essential parts of a successful anti-money laundering program, compliance for each arises from distinct laws and regulations with different requirements. All financial institutions in the USA must comply with BSA to assist U.S. government agencies to detect and prevent money laundering. If you want to attend this session visit for your source of the said event.

Monday, May 28, 2012

New York: Liberty Island Tour

We purchased a day  advance for our Liberty and Ellis Island ferry tickets at our Hotel concierge service. It cost us $14 per person for that ferry fares, and we booked the 11:00AM departure schedule. When the day has arrived we were supposed to take the subway 1 line for South Ferry station instead we took the Uptown station. We got lost that means we will gonna missed our ferry schedule. Worried if we'll missed our ferry ride scheduled they won't take us if we have to take the next available ferry but thank goodness that's not the case. When finally arrived in Battery Park where the ferry station is I approached the guard in the gate told her we need to take the next departure schedule cause we missed our schedule. She politely explains to us that we can take anytime we want from the ferry schedules as long the ticket is valid for single entry.  What a sigh of relief !  :)

Before embarkation there's an obligatory security check to go through before to enter in the waiting area. Same thing when you take an air flight.

Looking at the harbor from outside the gate of ferry station you can see the Statue of Liberty afar.

Spotted water taxi and a ferry coming back to Manhattan. There are so many ways to see the Statue of Liberty..

But we opt to be at the islands to see up close of the Statue and to be also in the Ellis Island. The ferry ticket goes both ways into Liberty Island and Ellis Island. It departs to the island from 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, and the last ferry returns to Battery Park is by 6:30 PM. Ferries takes passengers in and out every 30 minutes.

In the ferry, we stayed on the second deck at the back (right side) don't bother to sit down on the benches if you want to see a good spot and snap a good angle of the Statue.

This was where we standing at on the ferry. Perfect spot!
As the ferry slowly moving away from Battery Park station you can see a beautiful panoramic view of Manhattan skyline from a big picture till it faded away when we almost reach to Liberty Island. It was magnificent.

Another splendid sight is when we approaching to Liberty Island. The ferry stops every corner of the island so we can see and take a photo of every angle of the Statue of Liberty. It's just so amazing.

This is one of the famous landmarks in the world that everyone loves to see. And for those photography enthusiast this is a good photo op. $14 is so worth it.

These people is waiting to leave Liberty Island. The ferry's took us from Manhattan to Liberty is the one will take these people back to Manhattan.

Enter the gate in the Land of Freedom.

This explain why.

DH and I with Ms. Liberty up close and personal.

One of my favorite shot of her. Was taken on the island.

There are  basic concessions available for sale on the Island. Perfect cause we were starving already. There is also a souvenir shop, quite pricey compare to the many merchants selling the same stuff in Manhattan.

After exploring the park grounds we're ready to go to Ellis Island. We bid goodbye to Ms. Liberty. And wait not too long to hop another ferry to take us to Ellis.

Travel Period: April 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012

Outdoor Swings

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

New York Eats: Shake Shack

After our American Museum of Natural History excursion in upper east side near Central Park we were starved thankfully only few steps away we found a Shake Shack! I convinced my DH and friend that we need to try their burger that many people from online raves about. Good thing they have veggie burger in the menu so that my husband can eat with us.

I ordered Shack Stack cheeseburger and a shroom burger topped with lettuce, tomato and shacksauce, while my DH got a vegetarian one- crisp-fried Portabello filled with melted Muenster and Cheddar cheeses, topped with lettuce, tomato and shacksauce. Plus, of course, we got some fries and my favorite peanut butter frozen custard shakes. You should try their custard shake, it is soooo delicious! I loved it. :)

We each got an electronic stub. It shakin when the food is ready to pick up.

Me and my DH are enjoying shake shack's burger. The only disappoint me is they only have limited chairs and tables. Their space is very tiny, but patience of waiting rewarded us with a great view of old brick stone building of the Natural History Museum from outside. Love also their reclaimed wood dining table, chairs, the beams at the ceiling, and the entire structural building rustic design of this restaurant it feels homey. :)

The burger is not oily and so as the fries. The mushrooms with bring flavor to it. It does taste good.

Travel Period: April 2012

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New York Eats: Brick Oven Pizza

When in New York one can have pizza for to go, dine in, or delivery fresh from brick oven. You don't dare not to eat their pizza because it follows you, they're everywhere! Countless merchants making their own and selling pizza in mostly every corner of the streets because of that I had problem choosing where to buy my very first NY pizza. I saw a pedestal signage board in front of a cafe has written $.79 cent a slice of pizza- it almost convince me but I have to refrain myself from buying it I want my first NY pizza as good as I can remember it forever. After few days as I meandered the streets in Rockefeller Center, I found a cafe, and from outside the street you can see at the wide glass wall in the cafe a man making a pizza dough and baking  it at the same time right there and then I went in to eat my first NY pizza.

I went straight to the man and politely ask him if I can take a photo. He allows me only not to include him. We exchange conversation a bit, he's kinda shy, all he said is they're making their pizza fresh, dough including the sauce. He assures I will gonna like their pizza. I ordered and paid, after that I went back to him to give the stub. I waited for a  couple of minutes to bake my pizza and when it's finally ready he calls me to give the pizza I am longing for. I thank the man ( I noticed the servers including him did not wear name tags, and I forgot to get his name, even the cafes name. My bad!) for everything before I head to the available table.

Verdict? 5 stars. The thin crust have both crunchy and gooey (some part crunchy, some part gooey). The fun of eating it is when the mozzarella stretch as far as you can. It doesn't cut until you bite it. I love NY pizza. No doubt.

Travel Period: April 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012

New York Stays: Hilton Hotel

We visited New York for the first time and we stayed in Hilton Hotel because of its great location. Located in the heart of Manhattan and steps away from NYC tourist attractions like Rockefeller, Time Square, Broadway, Central Park , restaurants, cafes, shopping stores, and only minutes from major NYC subway line. Typical excellent rooms, they clean it and change the towels everyday. We didn't use their amenities cause you have to pay it extra we only stay here to sleep anyway.

Their Internet connection is fast however it has a fee! Good thing though we have our own bellsouth wifi connection that's why we stay connected. The staff are so nice to us especially the lady in the concierge desk area, she's very helpful, and so as their customer service. I called to extend our checkout hours and they let us stay till 3pm instead of 12noon.

 I already know the facts of this hotel cause I checked their website before I booked our stay. This was built in 1963 so I didn't expect too much even though it's pricey.

Hallway through the elevators area, restaurant, and bar.

elevators and bar area

Our room is decent, clean and comfy.

Amenity area. We have free cable channels. The coffee is also free. Thank goodness we didn't pay extra. However, the snacks and beverages in the fridge are not free. :)

Happy camper! We all love our beds (feels like latex mattress)and pillows, they are so soft and comfortable.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Buddha's Birthday

Today we went to the Buddhist temple in Tamarac to celebrate's Buddha's birthday among with many Asian people and some other races who practice Buddhism. Buddhism philosophy is very interesting. Something I want to learn.

The mayor of Tamarac's presenting the plaque of appreciation to the monk leader of that temple. One of Buddha's philosophy: Do Good Deeds, Speak Good Words, Think Good Thoughts.

My dear husband with the incense altar and people like japanese, taiwanese, thailander, singaporean, chinese, viatnamese, korean, and the like are there for the celebration. Part of the ritual is to eat vegetarian food. There are merchants selling different type of foods from different Asian countries.

Left photo: Taiwan food- noodle soup with vegetables and tofu. Right photo: Vietnamese food-  fresh noodle rolls. All are tastes good.

Japanese food. A sweet sticky rice covered with egg or soy wrapper (not sure).

Thai's Tea (made from herbal tea and soy milk). Unsweetened. Surprisingly delicious.

Bedroom Vanity Set

Grandma wants to buy me a jewelry holder I insist cause I have no space to put it in my bedroom. I only have one dresser cabinet I put all my stuff toys on top of it. My vanity counter in the bathroom on the other hand is not that big also so much toiletries stuff on it so where am I gonna put that? Wish I have extra space to put another vanity table in my bedroom like the ones (below) I spotted in online store.

 Here's my wish list:

This ultra-modern Nightfly White Bedroom Vanity Set with ample storage, contemporary aura, high-gloss wood veneers is made in Italy that's functional for your bathroom vanity. It has two small compartments for compacts, perfume, or jewelry. A vanity that just might make your bathroom counter green with envy.

Not only this charming Powell Boulevard Antique Black Bedroom Vanity Set a beautiful dressing table it also add a transitional elegance to your decor.  It spacious enough to display photos and accessories. And has plenty of storage for your make-up, jewelries and hairbrushes.

Surf the site of for this vanity set and more home furniture to see more of their great products.


Many Americans love sporting a tan while in the Philippines things are very different everyone trying everything to get a pale white skin. This is a fact, people are always wanting for something they don't have. So sick.

Back when I lived in the Philippines I buy whitening skin cream to achieve a pale skin that I want. It works. But when I move here in Florida things change I stop using it no more cause many Americans love tanning. Though I did not do anything to get tan skin nor whiten it but still many thought my skin is white. I don't know why I only use Dove body wash and lotion. One of my friends trying to sell me a tanning kits (tanning spray and tan in a can) and makeup. I refuse to buy I don't need. No thanks. Love my fair skin now.

New York: Malls and Shopping

Manhattan is home to New York's famous Broadway theaters and 5th Ave. shopping street. One can not leave New York without shopping. You can never get away from the tempting display on sale merchandising of any brands you can imagine you can literally shop till you drop in New York. NYC shopping scene is a garden of earthly consumerist delights. You just have to know where to look. Some stores taxed you some do not, and I don't know why. Either way you still get a reasonable price of some item.

Inside Victoria's Secret store. My friend M is checking the perfume she likes.

There are sea of people in this part of shopping area. So crazy.

The flagship store of Macy's sitting on Broadway between 34th and 35th street has 11th floors. The world's largest store.

I shop here, scored a silk pants and cotton top on clearance. Love H&M!

Cobblestone store of Forever 21.

Chocolate delight. Yum.

These are only few of thousand merchants you can shop in NYC. But, I haven't see Walmart, Target or any steel shop buildings in Manhattan. It has probably I just didn't notice.

Travel Period: April 2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012

New York: The Beautiful Central Park

Who doesn't know Central Park? I'm sure you heard so much about it and I'm also pretty sure you've seen it many times in the movies. When in NYC you must pay a visit in Central Park. It is very lovely.

We walked in on the west side at the 81st Street and meandered all the way down to the east side area of the park. Central Park is tremendous, on 843 acres of city owned land located at the center of Manhattan in NYC. We actually haven't seen the entire park don't have lots of time to wander it all. But, I have had enough to really look around of some of the best attractions. Love Central Park so cool and so pretty! A very romantic place.

Cherry blossom are can be seen in there.

Love the Lake.

A Swedish cottage. I try to get in to see what's in there cause I heard a loud singing voices noise from outside but the lady who opens the door told me they're having a musical practice no visitors allowed. So we headed to the garden instead.

The Obelisk called Cleopatra's Needle.

This is a monument of King Jagiello- king of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania. It is located across from Belvedere Castle and the east end of the Turtle Pond.

The Turtle Pond.

The Echo bridge. That man is playing a music with his flute so beautiful.

Spotted a phone box in Central Park.

I haven't seen a public restrooms such like this one ever before. You heard that right, this is the public restrooms of Central Park.

Travel Period: April 2012