Sunday, January 20, 2013

Exercise at home

Healthy and peaceful lifestyle is what I have been always trying to achieve. Like, who doesn't want that, right? I mean, I'm sure at the back of our head we want that. I don't know about you, but I did it. I'm trying. Healthy in the sense that I prohibits myself of smoking cigarette, drinking toxic alcoholic beverages (except a good wine occasionally), eating vegetables and fruits everyday, drinking green juice, eating minimal meat and poultry, eating a little bit of sweets food, sleep long hours, and exercise more! I push myself so hard to do all this. Self motivation and balance are the keys.

I do a lot of different types of physical exercises at home, all in alternation. I get bored easily if I do the same exercise regimen every single time so I collect yoga dvds, physique 57, aerobics, dance exercise, and ball exercise. I also jog and walk at the park with my husband once in a while. Doing all these gives me peace of mind and more energy of my body. It feels great.

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