Thursday, January 10, 2013

Inflight meals on Alitalia x Delta from France-Italy-USA

Route: Paris to Rome
Class: Coach
Meal type: Snacks
Meal: Choice of drinks, and cookies

I had tomato juice. Italian cookies is the best! I had to buy it at the Italian market right down the road in our neighborhood when we got home from our flight. Just because I love this type of cookies. :)

Noticed the folded aircraft table has a plastic card slide equipment. How convenient, noh?

Route: Rome to Atlanta, GA, USA
Class: Coach
Meal type: Snacks, Lunch, Snacks, and more Snacks!

Meal #1: Choice of drinks, and salted peanuts

Our flight back to USA was scheduled early in the morning. We barely slept the entire flight because the sunlight was upon us.  We played online games instead.

Later on, meal #2 has served for lunch! DH was happy of the meal he got-  vegetarian pasta, plus, vegetable salad, bread, delicious crackers, and cheeses.

meal #2 for my lunch - baked chicken fillet with vegetable and mashed potatoes swim in Italian sauce, plus, vegetable salad, bread, yummy crackers, and cheeses. It was good.

We then watched a TV show afterwards

After few hours the stewards served us meal #3-  Italian cold subs and Kitkat chocolate bars.

Are we there yet, babe? Almost. At this time we're at Washington DC up high. Checking the monitor-45 minutes more to go to arrived Atlanta. I was very excited. I can't wait to go home.

Meanwhile.... the stewards aren't done feeding us yet. There's more. OMG, my stomach is bloating! but when I see meal #4 I truly can't resist the gelato and hot sandwich.

Over all it was a fun ride. The service was excellent. Food was awesome. Alitalia x Delta made our flight experienced a very memorable and a jolly one. It made our first Europe vacation special.

Travel Period: November 2012

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