Thursday, January 03, 2013

Paris Pastry/Patisseries

A lingering smell of sweet and delicious pastries from pastry shops in Paris is following me. I can smell the heavenly sweet goodness of crepes literally everywhere, seriously! It simply irresistible. Many as in thousands of pastry shop in Paris, from low-end to high-end type patisseries. Am in heaven. If I allow myself to stop at every patisseries street vendors to just indulge on it I probably have a high blood sugar count now. I resist the temptation. But, I despise the fact that I haven't able to try eaten the famous Parisian macarons there. Yet another reason to go back!

These are the pastries I was able to try there. I have to stop by the La Croissanterie shop inside Gare St Lazare train station before we head back to our hotel. Glad I did.

My loot bag of sweet goodness food is to die for.

This cake is one of those I will consider to have in my fridge every week. It is delicious. I love caramel!

This awesome lemon meringue cup cake is not too sweet, it hits the spot!

Travel Period: November 2012

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