Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rome accomodation and breakfast

After our Paris city center accommodation experienced I decided to book a hotel outside the main city this time in Rome. I kinda like the idea of living like local while in Rome this lifestyle fit so well for me and my husband as we despise the feeling of being a tourist. Staying outside the main city in Rome during our trip is the best decision I made. I love quite place.
The location of our hotel is not really that far from the center it only takes us 15-20 minutes bus ride to go to any sights in the center of Rome. We stayed at Hotel Delle Muse in Flaminio, Parioli, Rome- it's a charming nice quitter upscale residential neighborhood area in Rome. The hotel itself is quite charming and homey. It's bigger than the hotel we stayed at in Paris. But both have a different charm. Their staffs are cool and very helpful. I love their buffet breakfast- it was good!
There is a Piazza, cafĂ©, and a very nice restaurant to hang out near the bus stop which is located a couple of blocks from the hotel.
Across the street of the hotel there's a pharmacy store which is very convenient if we need emergency medicines. And there's also a newspaper stall nearby where we can buy bus tickets.

Over all we enjoys our stay at Hotel Delle Muse. Lovely location.

Travel Period: November 2012

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