Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rome, Italy: The Eternal City

Rome has totally a different charm- old, rustic, chaotic, and yet is beautiful. Walking on the ancient civilization city feels like I am in the past, imagining the life then, like the 'Time Machine' brought me here. I am in the old world at least that's is how I feel. I've been waiting for this to be happened. To be here is my dream. And it just happens.
Most Romans and tourists take a bus ride to go to anywhere. It is the busiest main public transportation in Rome, more so the entire Italy I should say. Very convenient, efficient and most of all cheap than taxi and subway. Forget about their subway, it is so bad. Always late.
We did a lot of walking once we arrived in the center to go to see most of the touristy sights. That's why I see a different side of Rome not just the main attractions. Every corner I see churches. I lost counts!
Yes, most Romans live in the apartments. I haven't seen houses in the city, there are few I've seen at the country side of Italy when I was there. Mostly farmers houses, very nice. Otherwise, they're living an apartment lifestyle like any other Europe countries.
Like Paris the road are paving with cobblestones. I despise walking on it. It hurts. Meanwhile, Italian food is love. What's not to love their food anyway? I love it! :)

Travel Period: November 2012

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