Monday, February 25, 2013

Cushion Foam Pads for a gift

We were celebrating my husband's birthday last Saturday having a picnic at the park. Park is my family's favorite venue for birthday party. There's not much stuff to prepare unlike when we have a home party, foods that needs to be cooked, table and chairs that needs to be setup, parking space availability is limited, park venue is perfect for us. Our family loves the natural environment setup, so, a park is pretty much the perfect venue for us nature lovers.

Buying gifts for my hubby is an easy task for me to do. He's not materialistic, so a book or stuff that are essentials for his lifestyle is what I always buy for him. Because he sits all the time at work a cushion foam pads for comfort with rear cut out is what I bought for his birthday. We also bought an Animal Encyclopedia book for him, and some clothes. Simple and easy. :)

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