Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Public fountain in Italy

There are water fountains almost everywhere in Italy especially in Rome. They say it safe to drink but I was very hesitant, I have a sensitive stomach and so does my husband. We just wanna make sure not to get sick, so we ended up buying bottled water.

Because I was born curious I finally give up of being scared I have to try it. Ha! I sip a little from this ancient fountain with a lion's head smiling. He must spell his magic onto me. I think so.. LOL

The water taste sweet and very cold. Other two women walked by stop here and drink the tap water as well. See what I mean? That lion head has a magic. Teehee!

This fountain is in San Pietro Vatican

Hubby only gargling the water. :)
 This unique fountain I saw at Pisa. Very interesting sculpture, noh? It does fascinate me.
I cringed when I spotted this in Rome. Totally different.

Travel Period: November 2012

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